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Hellsystem vs. Predator @ Masters of Hardcore 2009 - Pole Position Lap II


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1. Predator & Angerfist - Legend
2. EA vs Tha Playah - Imperial
3. Angerfist - Maniac Killah (Hellsystem Remix)
4. Endymion - Abduction
5. Nosferatu - Intimidation
6. DJ D - D-Power (Dominator 2009 Anthem)
7. Ruffneck & Miss Twilight - No Turning Back
8. Predator - Unified destinaton
9. Hellsystem - Vor
10. MOC - Dirt
11. Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance
12. Hellsystem - Mad Pimp
13. Predator - Demon Pit
14. Hellsystem - Set Me Up
15. Evil Activities - No Place To Hide
16. Predator vs Hellsystem - Addicted 2 Violence
17. Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa (Angerfist Remix)

Morbid_Angel -
Fino alla Fine!
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On 16-07-2017 01:34:05, Morbid_Angel wrote:

On 03-07-2017 10:45:18, -michaelhughes wrote:

On 15-12-2009 14:58:53, Morbid_Angel wrote:

What's that track at the very beginning of the stream? (not the set, the one that goes "the black demon got ... screaming - Hardcore" - anybody knows?)
I know you asked this almost 8 years ago haha but it's Dyprax - Fuck Your Pride

It's actually Kasparov - Notorious. I still have the set and gave it a re-listen to make sure, and that was the track I was asking about.
I've re-uploaded the set, but the new rules for posting confuses me, so I won't post the link unless allowed by a mod. (It's the same copy/set/file I downloaded from here when it was originally uploaded. Also, the first 5 minutes is from the Korsakoff vs The Viper set, so that might also be in violation of the rules)
Are you able to cut the first 5 minutes? If not then I don't think it will be allowed, although I'd love to hear the set again haha.

Feels like an excessive amount of work. I'll pm you the link, and then you can do it if you want to.  :thumbsup:
Peter84 -
Can you send me the link also?
Morbid_Angel -
Fino alla Fine!
Done.  :thumbsup2:
-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
New zippyshare link added - The closing of Korsakoff & The Viper is also included in this set so if it's not allowed then it can be taken off.