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Mothball Z & Pseudo Intellectual @ Thematics Radio

Industrial Hardcore

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Local producers Mothball Z and Pseudo Intellectual came into the studios to play some of their latest tracks as well as a bunch of our favourite industrial hardcore, hard tek, frenchcore, drum n bass and metal tunes.

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Part 1:
Mothball Z - Pressure
Mothball Z - Oddball
Mothball Z - Employee of the Month
The Outside Agency - The Neutralising Agent
Tymon - Rattle Brain
Mr. 556a - I Kill D’s
Dalit - More Bounce
Necrarch - The Strangers
Ancronix - Fundamental Rudeness
Boris S. - The Thing
Ophidian - Nurse

Part 2:
Pseudo Intellectual - Unpleasant Noize
Pseudo Intellectual - Stiletto in Peril
Mothball Z - Hypo
Mothball Z - Mechanical Bird
Mothball Z - My Little Pony Crusher
Mothball Z - Blind Spot
Mothball Z - Terror Management Theory
Frank Kvitta - Bomberman
Hellfish - Man vs. Machine
Bonehead - Harder than your Frenchcore
Current Value and Donny - Drill
Abortifacient - Psychotronic Death Rave
Embolism - Lunatic
Psycroptic - Alpha Breed
Lord Lloigor - Let Jesus Fuck you (The Artbreaker’s “Heaven Fucked Up” remix)
Bong-Ra - Skool ov Violence