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Neophyte @ Q-Base 2007


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1. DJ Neophyte vs Evil Activities - Invasion
2. Tha Playah - Mastah of Shock
3. Tha Playah - Weird Clit (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix)
4. Masters Of Ceremony - Bottoms Up
5. Evil Activities & Tha Playah - Raise It Up
6. Masters Of Ceremony - Under Control
7. Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy
8. Rave Slave - Psychiatric Atmosfear (Evil Activities Mash-Up)
9. DJ Paul - I Am God (Evil Activities Remix)
10. Dione - This Is My House
11. Art Of Fighters - Artwork (Tha Playah Remix)
12. Evil Activities - Sick Of My Life
13. Evil Activities & Tha Playah - As Cold As Me
14. Neophyte vs. The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker
15. Wasting Program vs Dune - Bring The Hardcore Vibes Back (The Viper Mashup Mix)
16. Kasparov - Scotch Attack
17. Evil Activities & DJ Panic - Never Fall Asleep
18. Too Fast For Mellow - We Gonna Get This Place (Dione Remix)
19. Bodylotion - Neighbourhood Crime (Tha Playah Remix)
20. Evil Activities - My Hidden Place
21. Tha Playah - I Call Tha Shots
22. Dione - Ruff confusing
23. The Viper & G-Town Madness - Blow Da Club Down
24. Evil Activities & The Viper - Raw To The Floor
25. Hard Creation - Creators Of The Core
26. E-Noid - I Don't Give A Damn (Nosferatu's Arrogance Hatred Remix)
27. The Massochist - Public Enemy
28. DJ Neophyte & Evil Activities - Alles Kapot (10 Jaar Later Lekkur Dan...)
29. Partyraiser & Triax - Assassins
30. DJ Neophyte vs. Evil Activities - One Of These Days
31. ID (VA - A Way Of Life Will Survive, 2 The Bone (Nightmare DJ Mashup))
32. ID (VA - Always Hardcore/Be Quiet Mashup)

infidel -
great stuff  :thumbsup2:
wschL -
OMG Opperhoofd ... only bad votings... you here this many sets??? Its a bombset and you give negativ rating ...  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:

SET IS AWESOME  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:
IvEzE -
neophyte  :worship:  :worship: legend  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:
Krank-Im-Kopf -
07 Evil Acitivities - Nobody said it was easy
MattiX -
16. Kasparov - Scotch Attack
wschL -
I've heard this set so many times... and it always banging  :L
Morango -
What is real?
31. VA - A Way Of Life Will Survive, 2 The Bone (Nightmare DJ Mashup)

Marko's?  :bday:
e.deitas -
And holy fuck. The vocals in Nobody said it was easy. Suck donkey balls that it didnt get released like tis  :cry:

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