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Boris Otterdam @ Illegal Frequencies (From The Vaults) 06


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Boris Otterdam - Illegal Frequencies Radio Selections (2004 - 2014) 6

(ENDE387) Boris Otterdam - Illegal Frequencies (From The Vaults)

"A collection of mixes of 100% Australian content from the first and second wave of the Australian Hardcore and Breakcore Scene (1993-2002 and 2003 to 2012) as well as international producers that were active contributors to the local Australian scene in that time. Recorded in Brisbane in 2014 by Boris Otterdam,

Collecting the most commonly played tracks on the 9 year run of Illegal Frequencies Radio Show as well as a number of rarities and unreleased tracks from the "vaults" of the radio show's archives.

tracklists were lost long ago."

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