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R.S.S @ UCB Mix 006 (Be Useless!)


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be useless - ucb006 - mix by R.S.S

"in capitalistic society we are used the whole time.
used to produce.
used to consume.
used to keep the system running.
stop it!
be useless!"

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1. K-Owl - Deformation Retract
2. The Shortest Band Name Ever - The Thing We Talked About When We Arrived At The Trainstation
3. Memero - Renounce Synthetic Needs
4. JD Zazie - title_tba
5. Oliotronix - I Tried Really Hard To Come Up With The Name Of This Track And Eventually
6. Arkhyanax - Crush Depth
7. RedHat - Knife In My Back (Mastered by Memero)
8. Chaos Princess - Sound Boy Killah
9. Time Delete - Gwitterchäs
10. Gigi Diagnostico - Devilish Master
11. Glitchgirl - Shelter
12. Indian Junglist - That Horns Track (IJ Edit)