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Max Milianhardcore @ Millenium Mix 2 (Remake)


Submitted by: WeekendWarirors @

Filetype: 320 kbit WAV
Length: 01:29:51

More info
I was not satisfyded with the previuos mix so i make a remake of it and added some other tracks to the mix as well


Rated by: Weerzinwekkend


1.Stormtropper - Todesvogel
2.Angerfist Ft. Cricifier - Broken Chain
3.Tommyknocker - Criminal
4.Mecanno Twins Tendrills Of Agony
5.Evil Activities - To You Who Doubt Me
6.Tha Playah - Who Yha Rocking With
7.Ritchie Gambino - I Was Here Last Night
8.Lem X - More Drumming
9.Stereotype - Forge The Imminent (Altemate Anthem)
10.DJ D & The Viper Loose Control
11. Angerfist Ft. Crucifier - Sensation Gargle
12. Hellsystem - Blood Tha Playah Remix
13. Ophidian - Butterfly
14. Nosferatu & Endymion The Messasge
15. The Viper & Tha Playah Fearless
16 .Day Mar Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses
17. Amnesys - 4D Future
18. Bredablar Enjoy Life
19. The Genesis Projection - World Grid
20. Section Grabuge People Will Die (Tieum Remix)
21. Partyraiser & Scape Face - Dancing On Your Grave
22. Noize Supressor - Mad Dog - Bassdrum Bitch
23. Day Mar - Guess What
24. Negative A & Counterfeit Out Of Your Mind
25.Paul Elstak & Partyraiser - Back From The Dead
26. The Sneiterheads & The Demon Dwarf - Wat Is Dit (Fucktup Remix)
27.Stormtrooper - Todesvogel ( Mr Courage & Drokz Remake)
28. Dj Paul Vs. Partyraiser Ft. Firestone - I Dont Care (De Gezellige Remix)