Shoutbox: [26-02] Swampthing: Does anyone know if there are big packs / collections of livesets from certain festivals somewhere? Some festivals have 100s of artist which makes it a big challenge to collect all the livesets individually.

DJ Mindflash @ Forgotten Tunes 046

Early Hardcore   Happy Hardcore

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Length: 01:09:37

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After a long Break i am back with the new Forgotten Tunes EP. This time with some Happy Hardcore and Hardcore Tracks from the 90ies. This set was recorded during an Videostream on Facebook on 27.3.2020.
Set comes with tracks from DJ Promo, Tschabos, Bertocucci Feranzano, Music Instructor, Enzyme X, DJ Sim, The Stunned Guys, ... and so on.