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Naks @ P.H Signals 034

Electro   Acid   Techno

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Length: 01:02:26

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Signals 034 is here. We're very much excited to welcome killer DJ and label-head, Naks.

Naks is co-founder of the Vortex Traks imprint, a well-regarded Electro label which has played host to artists such as KafkaCtrl, Datawave, Mono Junk, Lazercat and more. Hs also runs the Dreams of Neon party series from the Berlin Underground. Dreams of Neon also streams on the legendary Intergalactic FM.

After close to two decades of spinning and collecting, Naks has been spotted playing in both Berlin clubs and across Europe. Whether it's Electro, Acid, freaked-out distorted screeches or Italo Disco, Naks is your guy.

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