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Scheme Boy @ The DJ Producer's 50th - Varispeed Room

Crossbreed   Darkstep   Breakcore

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Scheme Boy at The DJ Producer's 50th Birthday Party - 16th Dec 2022

"My CDJ set from The DJ Producer's 50th birthday bash at The Black Swan, Bristol, UK. This was recorded in room 2, hosted by Varispeed. I went in with no plan other than a 3 hour playlist to choose an hour from on-the-fly. I thoroughly enjoyed playing some new bits, some old classics and even a sneaky unreleased one from yours truly  ;)

Happy big 5-Oh to the big man <3"

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1. Jacob - Don't Get Mad
2. S.Murk - Udo Funk (Scheme Boy Remix)
3. Evol Intent - Nostromo
4. Seppa - How Far You Gonna Go
5. Kavari - Attachment Style
6. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - More Like You (Unknown Error Remix)
7. Tech Itch - The Ruckus (Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch Remix)
8. DJIPE & The Purge - Operation II
9. 3RDKND - Fire & Blood (Abis Remix)
10. Blockdata - Entropy
11. The Masamune & The Mind - You're Not Listening (Dolphin Remix)
12. Seppa - Fat Hands
13. Anorak - Acid Jungle 101
14. Enduser & Aaron Bianchi - Losing the Mind (Producer's Kickdrum Asylum Dub)
15. Raxyor - Django Chainsawed (Horrible Egg Breakfast Remix By Krumble)
16. Chaos AD - Psultan (Squarepusher Remix) (Scheme Boy's Fixup)
17. Krumble - Time To Burn
18. Dolphin - Requiem For A Samurai