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:๔๏ภ คɭקђ๏ภร๏: a.k.a. C0SM1C-4LPH4 @ Lost In The 17Th Heaven

Progressive   Progressive Trance   Progressive House

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"Imperfection is more perfect then perfection itself" ♾

Relaxing DeepSpace Progressive Trance
Mixed entirely in 432Hz by :๔๏ภ คɭקђ๏ภร๏: a.k.a. C0SM1C-4LPH4 on 03-04-2022
BPM: 117.17
Duration: 1hr:34m34s

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1. EMBRZ - Dont Look Back
2. Desaicrator - Holding Hands
3. Eric Olivier Mario - Silhouette
4. Jerro - Subtleties
5. Emro - Eunoia
6. Jody Wisternoff, James Grant - What Have You Done To Me (PROFF Remix)
7. Sultan Shepard ft. Richard Walters - Solid Gold Love
8. Robert Dalshetch - Where the Dawn Is
9. poLYED - Beautiful Sunset
10. Anlaya Project - Last Sunset
11. Andrew Frenir - Under the Stars
12. Emro - Apricity
13. Emro - Let Go
14. Telem Radical Fantasy - Kiss The Sky
15. Eagle Vision - Starfield
16. Alexander Popov, Whiteout - Right Back (LTN Press. Ghostbeat Remix)
17. Dim Val Pol - The Pulse
18. Gary Afterlife - We Are Memories
19. Daniel Corner - Supernova
20. Summerfeela - Perfect Morning
21. Inon Bramy - Watching from Above
22. EMBRZ - Always There