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Low Entropy @ Tribute Mix To 90s Hamburg Breakcore

Breakcore   Jungle

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When you look at the beginning of Breakcore, your eyes will likely turn to Berlin, maybe London... but there were of course other hotspots too.
This mix focuses on an often overlooked location for this sound, the city of Hamburg in Northern Germany. With labels like Fischkopf and Cross Fade Enter Tainment, and artists like Christoph De Babalon, Monoloop or Low Entropy, this city was right there when the Breakcore sound got formed.
There were of course also cross connections and collaborations between the Hamburg scene and many other parts of the world, so you will find releases by E-De Cologne (Ec8or), Alec Empire or Somatic Responses on Hamburg labels, too.
Because of this, this mix not only features Breakcore tracks made by Hamburg artists in the 90s era, but also by other producers who happened to have a release on such a label. With a special look at rare tracks, and even some tracks that were produced but left unreleased in the 90s.
So, turn back your clocks, and tune into these dark, twisted and brutal sounds from this cold harbor town. Can you still dig it?

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1. R.A.W. - Suggestion To Wake Up
2. Shangoe - Army Of Darkness
3. Christoph De Babalon - No Man's Land
4. Monoloop - Chill Out
5. Johnny Ego - Untitled [Fisch23 CD]
6. Eradicator - Streptocock Gee
7. Christoph De Babalon - Meditate
8. Amiga Shock Force - Dick
9. Low Entropy - I Am God
10. R.A.W. - If You Had A Heart
11. Christoph De Babalon - Untitled (A3) [File Already Exists. Continue (Y/N)?]
12. Low Entropy - Anarchize
13. Amiga Shock Force - Keep Your Enemies Close
14. Christoph De Babalon - Untitled (B9) [File Already Exists. Continue (Y/N)?]
15. Low Entropy - Sadstep
16. Istari Lasterfahrer - Master Of Beo
17. Taciturne - Tyrothricine
18. Christoph De Babalon - Untitled (B4) [File Already Exists. Continue (Y/N)?]
19. Somatic Responses - Missile Test
20. Monoloop - The Dreamer