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Core25 @ Hardcore Techno Trance Mix

Early Hardcore   Hardtrance

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:41:02

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“Something for your mind” ...

A mix partly inspired by Dolphin sets, in particular from a couple of Vibealite events (trainspotters will recognize which) so it’s safe to say it’s definitely on the trancier tip. There’s some tunes I haven’t heard in any other (Hardcore) mixes and of course a few classics thrown in for good measure. Mostly 96/97 records with a few older ones, as far back as ‘92 (if the rumor mentioned on Discogs is true). I feel like I should add a Disclaimer here just to say that there is some 45 button bashing but kept in the minus range so not quite as fast as they’ve appeared on some Producer/Scorpio sets.

Hopefully that’s piqued your curiosity enough to warrant a listen and thanks in advance if you take the time to do so, always appreciate it.

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1. Climax - Relax (Mental Mix)
2. Miro - Purple Moon
3. Nightbreed - The Journey
4. Push 2 - Da Story
5. Mass Energy - Electro Odyssey
6. Simon C - Inner Space
7. Crypt - Delusion
8. Bio-Forge - Turbulence
9. Tellurian - Vortex
10. Chosen Few - All You Motherfuckers
11. Izomatrick - Rage Of The Machine
12. DJ Marco Bailey - Bambu
13. Pablo Gargano - The Darkness
14. DJ Marco Bailey - Scorpia
15. Rave Creator - A New Mind (Rave Creator's Original DE 2001 Raveremix)
16. Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence
17. Cores - Babylon
18. Trance 4 Motion - Here We Go
19. Technohead - The Passion (#1)
20. Strychnine - Utopia
21. Speed Nova - Acid Instinct
22. Oh•Bonic - Crystal Phase
23. DJ Dave & The Chicago Hardcore Party Force - Breakin Tha Sound
24. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments
25. Next Generation - The Earthquake (Giorgio Martini Remix)