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Cement Tea @ NSTBT Podcast 074

Industrial Hardcore   Schranz   Other

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[nstbt_podcast_074] - Cement Tea

"Brazlian DJ/Producer Cement Tea returns for his 3rd [nstbt_podcast] featuring many of the quirky and heavy hitting tracks that he's become known for.

Cement tea dropped a HUGE release on our label earlier this year with the: Nuts 'N' Donuts E.P:

As well as contributing to our very popular Various Artist compilation: Endure And Survive:

Constantly pushing the boundaries, and blurring both genres and bpms. This mix is no exception (It even includes a host of tracks from "No sleep till bedtime..." releases)

It's crazy to think how our paths crossed all those years ago, and it's been a privilege to watch him grow and go from strength to strength.

And so we say yet again, thank you to Guilherme  :)

If you like what you hear? Be sure to like and follow his artists pages below. A few seconds and a few clicks on your part can help make a difference at the end of the day. Support the music you love, and help support the artists who create it.

Thanks guys <3"

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1. Razxca - posthardcore xdf7777d
2. HAACHAMA Ch 赤井はあと- ウ”ィ”エ” チ”ャ”マ”
3. Binum - Tracky
4. Raver Blaster - Underground
5. Cement Tea - Time To Eat Cake
6. Cement Tea - Don't Die
7. Raver Blaster - Industrializm Return
8. Raver Blaster - Future Shocker
9. Atomik V & Lobotomy Inc - Follow Me Two
10. Lethal MG - Youeternal
11. The C-Hunter - Marie-Pierre Tombale
12. Cement Tea - Axolotleater
13. Cement Tea - Relaxing Music To Meditate To
14. 10Jonk-T - ShakraFunk
15. Persian Groovies - Machinate
16. The Hologram - Angel Eyes
17. Cement Tea - Angel Dance
18. Carbone - Invisible Kingdomz
19. 6head Slug - Solve Et Coagula
20. Koda - The Evil King
21. ID (Cement Tea - ID (ID Remix))
22. Cement Tea - 1 Eye
23. Dereck - Underferon
24. Cement Tea - Donuts
25. Cement Tea - Jellyfishborgar
26. 1, 2, Yyetsü - Not To Not Want No Body
27. The Satan - Toxic Maniac
28. Cryptox - Trip Into The Void
29. Akoustik Timbre Frequency - Subliminal Understandings