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Hellcreator @ NNS!!! Broadcast - Army of Darkness

Early Terror

Submitted by: Hansolo @

Length: 01:00:01

More info
???? ARMY OF DARKESS,???? Special Edtion
OIRAD - Hard Road out of Hell - NNS!!! Official Party - Promomix .

The day this show aired , the authorities' closed the club where the official NNS party was scheduled for the Saturday
. In those days of stress we sought in vain another club that could host us for the party scheduled for months.
This is ITALIA , this is the mafia , which unfortunately Hardcore must also suffer. ..
Here there are those who can organize parties and those who are too annoying...
But NNS does not stop at anything ...
I propose these great sets and promises me not to give up!!

From a idea of Gigi NNS.
Project by NNS STAFF.
Artwork by Ferra
Edit show by Raver Blaster.
Thanks to all the Artists and the NNS audience who make possible this epic Broadcast

Rated by: Darksound Deamons_Combined_Records hardcorerepublic xeLL

Deamons_Combined_Records -
'Avoid the mainstream'
Date is incorrect, it was uploaded onto Soundcloud on the 16th
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
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The title on soundcloud says the broadcast was on the 9th..

It was broadcasted on youtube, you can find the full show here;
Deamons_Combined_Records -
'Avoid the mainstream'
Right, I get it. I didn't looked up on YouTube, I only heard that show on soundcloud.