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Retroboy 64 @ Acid Game Boyz

Acid   Techno   Chiptune

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Length: 00:57:30

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Retroboy 64 - Acid Game Boyz - Live set record from Centrála Music Club, Prague

"Acid Techno mini live set played from one Game Boy DMG, one Game Boy Advance and one Behringer Td-3 (tb-303 clone).
Game Boys are running on Nanoloop 2 (GBA) and Nanoloop Mono (DMG) which is cool synth for classic game boy with filters inside.
I used one MS-70cdr multi effect pedal from Zoom for send effect. Really great choice!
Atmosphere was great, small party but everbody was feeling it is one from last parties before they lock down us again.
Centrála Music Club, Prague - 19. August 2020

Enjoy this one hour long game boy techno music my friends  :)
It is edge of my work with nanoloops from past year."

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