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Hyperthrow @ Acid Mix

Acid   Techno

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I was cleaning up one of my hard drives and found an old acid techno mix. Must be from around 2002 maybe, I don't remember. All I know is it was mixed proper, ON VINYL!!! You digital p@%ssies!!! J/K ! Lots of Smitten, Stay Up Forever, Routemaster stuff! Sound quality is a little off, it must have been on my old computer before I had a decent soundcard.

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1. Rowland The Bastard - Destruction
2. The Imposters - Dirty Dancing
3. Rowland the Bastard - You Make Me Laugh
4. Enri Lorenz - Red Herring
5. Trip Hazard - B.4.U. (Come Down)
6. Rene Reiter - Analogue Madness (Biri 'N' The Geezer Remix)
7. Ant - Lost
8. Dave The Drummer - Implant (Acid Techno Is Alive Mix)
9. Rebel Yelle - Stop The Bullshit War
10. Immersion - Rave (Rowland The Bastard's Bionic Orange Mix)
11. Nu Fast Agents - Jissum Avinit
12. Rowland The Bastard - Had it With Blondes
13. Immersion - Fuk It, I'm A Drug Bucket