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Audioholik @ Italian Masters Vol. 5 - FJ Project

Early Hardstyle

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Welcome to the 5th installment of my Italian Masters series. This time it's Luca Cominato, also known as FJ Project, in the spotlight!


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1. Hypersthenic - Hardtrackers (FJ Project Remix)
2. FJ Project - Technology 2005
3. The Rush Team - Liquid Adrenalin (FJ Project Remix)
4. Protoxide - Noise Destruction (AM Mix)
5. Fj Project - Freedom (Hard Mix)
6. Asteroidz - Fantasy (MK2 Mix)
7. Bass Gangstaz - What's a Criminal (FJ Project Remix)
8. FJ Project - It's Hardstyle (Store Mix)
9. Protoxide - Utopia
10. Little Bastard - Multi Noise (Asteroidz Mix)
11. Fj Project - Master Tune (Jump Mix)
12. Asteroidz - Light (K-Force Mix)
13. Julian DJ & Davide Sonar - Techno Noise (FJ Project Remix)
14. FJ Project - Technology 2005 (Q-Mix)
15. Asteroidz - I Am The Lord
16. Exodus - Flash (Rain Mix)

Mike_L-84 -
Curious about this one. Many thanks!
Audioholik -
Mike_L-84 -
I realy enjoyed this one. Banger!!!
Audioholik -
Great to hear! I think FJ project is so underrated amongst the early italian hardstyle.
Mike_L-84 -
I agree.
alexvdh -
PM for old uploads
7. Bass Gangstaz - What's a Criminal (FJ Project Remix)  :L
wtf didn't read the tl and thought "woah,very very italian gangster vibe,will post a comment which said gangsta as fuck"..maybe the lyrics idk cuz i was at work, i generally focus on the whole thing,vocalz are like synths for me,i don't always understand what it means at the first listen'

mad setje
Audioholik -
Dank je! And it's a great remix!