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J.D.A. @ E-Villian invites


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1. DJ J.D.A. - Ghost Stories For Your Mind
2. DJ J.D.A. ft. Dead Men Walking - Encore (Do You Want More)
3. Paul Elstak ft. Ruffian - Rage (DJ J.D.A. Remix)
4. DJ J.D.A. - The Big Payback
5. Shadowlands Terrorists - More Bazz
6. DJ J.D.A. ft. Redemption - What The Fuck
7. Paul Elstak & DJ J.D.A. ft. Ruffian - Offensive Warriors
8. Headbanger ft. MC Alee - Serious Damage (DJ J.D.A. Remix)
9. DJ J.D.A. vs Bass-D & King Matthew - Survivors Of Hardcore
10. DJ J.D.A. & Digital Boy - Hardcore For Life
11. DJ J.D.A. - Raw Power
12. DJ J.D.A. - 4ever Mar Mash-Up
13. DJ J.D.A. - Hard Ragge
14. Paul Elstak & Headbanger - A Taste Of Fear (DJ J.D.A. Remix)
15. The Hitmen Vs. DJ J.D.A. ft. The Number One Sniper - Fight For Glory
16. Shadowlands Terrorists - Still Standing Strong
17. DJ J.D.A. - Game Of Pain
18. Headbanger vs DJ J.D.A. - Mark U 4 Death
19. Nosferatu - Pop Goes The Pistol (DJ J.D.A. Remix)
20. DJ J.d.a. ft. Sagem - Hardcore Wins Again
21. DJ J.D.A. - Hardcore Maniacs
22. Shadowlands Terrorists - Shadowlands Anthem
23. DJ J.D.A. & MC Opiate - Extreme Anthem

mikkeh -
Who is the Last D? Any tracklist? 2:12:45 <3
luca-s -
I put the youtube link and the link where I upload I usually made a cut mp3
I hope I was helpful  :thumbsup2:  :worship:
VanFlip -
Can't find this one, is it released?
luca-s -
On 07-04-2021 20:59:21, VanFlip wrote:

Can't find this one, is it released?

I can't understand what you are asking me. I have to find you what?  =D
VanFlip -
Nr 12 4ever mar mash-up