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Low Entropy @ Roots Of Industrial Hardcore And Terror Mix

Early Terror

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Industrial Hardcore has become a really big genre now, but its roots lie in the Hardcore Techno scene of the 90s, when artists moved away from the hoovers, synths and rave stabs - plus rap and pop samples - that defined the more "dance friendly" Gabber music which began dominating the Hardcore raves and music chain store CD compilations. They explored disturbing and surreal noize, metallic, shrill and industrial sounds with pounding, deep drums and generally full-on distortion.
While Industrial Hardcore is now usally associated with "slower" speeds in music, the Industrial Hardcore of the mid-90s was usually still quite fast and frantic.
This sound also had a huge influence on the Frenchcore, Speedcore and Breakcore genres that grew bigger and bigger after the 90s ended.

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1. Collective Strength - Family Affair
2. Somatic Responses - Cyclotron
3. Gringo - Slayer
4. E-De-Cologne - Raverbunnies Death
5. Mouse - Halloween
6. Test Tube Kid - Promars
7. Napalm 8 - Mic Contract
8. Auto-Psy - Go Out
9. Napalm 6 - Signal Zero
10. Napalm 8 - Fuck 08
11. Richard Devine - Refractor
12. Ingler - Erratum
13. Micropoint - Return Of The T-Rex
14. Napalm - Vouck
15. Gringo - Rules
16. Collective Strength - Chunk Blower (D9 Mix)
17. Auto Tropp - Otto Tropp
18. Napalm 8 - XWD
19. Napalm - Analstahl
20. Ingler - Rkor Machine

Bedlam -
Tracklist tells you the genre on here Early/Terror.