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Supire @ Survival Podcast 082

Breakcore   Industrial Hardcore   Frenchcore

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SURVIVAL Podcast #082 by Supire

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1. Supire - On The Roar
2. Nagazaki & Supire - The World
3. Supire - Devastation
4. Spire - It Is Over
5. Supire - Surreal
6. ID (Supire - ID)
7. Supire - The Last Man
8. Supire - Microcosme
9. ID (Supire - ID)
10. Berzärk - Lock & Load (Supire Remix)
11. ID (Supire - ID)
12. ID (Supire - ID)

alexvdh -
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 :$ not ok with the cb tag
i understand this is the closest style here for him if we watch it quickly
but Supayah clearly comes from breakcore with hc indus/frenchcore tricks for his kicks, it it's his own style (very proper btw)
imo bc/ihc/fc but i don't mind if we stick with the cb tag  :beer:
thanks hcr for submitting lots of music, too lazy to do my part for the moment
edit: supire is half of RSB (real shit bastards) with 4nzu (new terrible kid in the japanese hardtek scene)
they deliver long bombtracks together, construction style
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hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
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 :thumbsup: thnx alex