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Thumpa @ Back Of The Rollers Kid! Vol 2 (Helter Skelter Technodrome Classics 1998-1999)

Early Hardcore   UK Hardcore

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My little tribute to Helter Skelter Technodrome. When I was 14 I discovered Helter Skelter tapes and throughout my high school days I was (and still am) totally obsessed with Technodrome tapes, eventually getting to go to a Skelter in 97 and 99. These tunes were the soundtrack to my GCSEs and school life! I hope you enjoy the mix  :)

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1. Dark Earth - Wisdom Of The Grave
2. System 3 - Keep On Fuckin'
3. Max E-Crew - Dance Of Death
4. Don Diablo - Nothing To Loose
5. The Raven - A New Hope
6. Impulse Factory - Your Wake Up Call
7. The Raven vs Don Diablo - 1,2,303 (1)
8. Max E-Crew - Immortality
9. The Raven vs Do Diablo - Invasion Of The Universe
10. Placid K & Noize Suppressor - Fuckin' Hard (Noize Mix)
11. The Raven - Science Fiction
12. Dark Earth - Suffering
13. The Raven - Surrounded House
14. DJ Wicked - Wicktime (Fast Part)
15. Terrorhead - Hyper
16. The Accusers - Ecstatic Solidarity (Kesj & Donut's XTC Mix)
17. Technological Terror Crew - Who The Fuck Are You? (Dolphin & Tox Remix)
18. Tieum - Untitled (A2) [P.A.I. 1]
19. Dolphin, Tox & Dare - Yeah Motherfucker
20. Kit Fox - Da Real Thang
21. Hellfish - Hardcore Body Harvest (Bunker Clot Mix)
22. Hellfish - Serious-Evil-Shit-Mission-3

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Write track 18 like this which is the correct naming:

Tieum - Untitled (A2) [P.A.I. 1]

The other title Untitled [PAI001] taken to the letter refers to this release:
SandStorm [Set Editor] -
It's A Dirty Job...
You can give this track it's name, it's also been released with full name on cover.

But since the DJ himself named it this way he probably has the one without the names...
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