Dither @ Dominator 2020 - We Will Prevail The Spectacle


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Addicted to the... KICK! This is Dither at We Will Prevail.

Dominators, we hope you enjoyed We Will Prevail - The Spectacle. Thanks for tuning in!

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1. eDUB - Pink Rabbit
2. Dither - Kick It
3. La Roux - In For The Kill (Dither Bootleg)
4. Dither - Addiction
5. N-Vitral & Dither - Crush Them
6. Dither - Hunt You Down
7. eDUB - Bomb Dem
8. Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka (Dither Bootleg)
9. Deadly Guns & Dither - Playing With Fire (ID Remix)
10. Dither & Cesqeaux - Detonate (N-Vitral pres. Bombsquad Live Edit)
11. Leathernecks - At War (Dither Bootleg)
12. Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Sihk & HEXXOS 200bpm Hardcore Remix)
13. Dither & Lil Texas - Hardcore Heartbreak
14. GRAVEDGR & Carnage & Dither - FICK DICH (Dither VIP)