Shoutbox: [16-01] pointlesspoint: Thank you for the gratefulness. Let's not forget other people, past/present/future, i'm not that long here, i mostly see contributors for (early) hardcore tracklists: Needlemouth, Tweak76, Psychologic, the almighty Sandstorm!!, Mattix!, & all others i forgot... and big up yourself Han!  8-)
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DJ K-os @ I Told You I Was Hardcore

Early Hardcore   Breakcore

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Thanks to Bedlam for additional ID's.

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1. Venetian Snares - Choprite
2. ID (ID 03:32)
3. Nasenbluten - Concrete Compressor
4. Slaughter Politics - Forest Fire
5. ID (ID 00:13:00 hip hop lyrics 'the battle is on, gonna start the show' 'the other crew (...)')
6. Hellfish - Turntable Savage
7. ID (ID 19:50)
8. ID (ID 21:23 'motherfucking breakbeat/ give me a motherfucking break motherfucker')
9. I:gor - Crowd Rocker
10. ID (ID 28:18 'live people ignore the strange and unusual/ I myself am strange and unusual' from Beetlejuice)
11. The DJ Producer - The True Creators (We're Back!!) (PT.1)
12. Shitmat - UK Swampcore Sucks In Comparison To Techstep New Wave Psy-Jungle
13. ID (ID 37:04 'one big mess' 'start your day with a bang bang bang')
14. ID (ID 41:20 'in fact, only quick medical attention saved my life')
15. Dolphin & DJ Tox - Aggravated Violent Assault
16. Doormouse - American Honda Finance Corporation
17. ID (ID 49:50 Venetian Snares - ID? or remix of Killer by The Bug Vs The Rootsman Featuring He-Man?)
18. Rude ass tinker - Magical Digital