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Meatchopper 118 @ Amen Zoo #4


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Length: 00:47:59

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Meatchopper 118 @ Amen Zoo #4

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1. Krumble - Gazzoline Serious Blast
2. Autonon - If My Sweat Could Talk It Would Say AA
3. Nama - Ez Blood
4. The Teknoist - Lion Girl (Album Version)
5. Simi - Sweet Child Of Mine
6. Kyou1110 - NotEnoughNoise (Kyou1110 Remix)
7. Rotator - Black Flag
8. TuneFreak - TGP2
9. TuneFreak - SpRMBing
10. Waqs - Inv4d3r5
11. Random - Nightflower
12. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Dano Remix)
13. 4nzu - Everybody Partying Dead
14. Dustvoxx - Cause He Ain't Got Nobody To Listen The Disco
15. ShiteKnob - Sensimilla+Herrie
16. MyXoMoPBL - Sampletex Overdrive

Hansolo [Set Editor] -
What are these for signs in the tracklist?  :arr:
alexvdh -
PM for old uploads
Krumble - Gazzoline Serious Blast
Autonon - If my sweat could talk it would say AA
Nama - Ez Blood
The Teknoist - Lion Girl (album version)
Simi - Sweet Child Of Mine
kyou1110 - NotEnoughNoise (Kyou1110 Remix)
Rotator - Black Flag
TuneFreak - TGP2
TuneFreak - SpRMBing
Waqs - Inv4d3r5
Random - Nightflower
Chosen Few - Name Of The dj (Dano rmx)
Dustvoxx - Cause he ain't got nobody to listen the disco
ShiteKnob - Sensimilla+Herrie
MyXoMoPBL - Sampletex Overdrive

seems that there was some blank space which was filled by those creepy bugs..

btw that was a really nice set to enjoy
glad to have heard live a track from MyXoMoPBL once in my life
that Amen Zoo was the shit, OT301 was an epic place but the Oyster Club is a (too?) nice place