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Dario @ My Italian Classics 2001 - 2004

Early Hardstyle

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After many months abroad on a magical journey I'm back and thanks to quanrantine I now have a lot of free time to record some mixes for you guys !

The first one is about italian early hardstyle from 2001 to 2004 with many classis that we all know but not only !

Enjoy it guys !

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1. Supermarco May - Time Machine (Kiloton Version)
2. The Hose - Loudness (ness Version)
3. Technoboy - War Machine
4. Hunter - The Beauty And The Beat (Technoboy Remix)
5. Jimmy the Sound - L.O.G.I.C.O. (Black M Version)
6. Droid - Focus (Reverse Bass mix)
7. Dark Oscillators - Nobody Is Perfect (Threesome Mix)
8. Tuneboy - Sexbusters
9. Julian DJ & Davide Sonar - Go Go Go
10. Krash - The World
11. Citizen - Face To Face (Drah Mix)
12. Analogic Disturbance - Hunting 1
13. Builder - Bad Manners (Luca Antolini DJ Mix)
14. Diego J Walker vs Jimmy The Sound - Getaway! (Fusion Mix)
15. Tronik - Sensational (alTronik mix)

Meggido -
Nice one mate !