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KRTM @ TNDB Podcast 26

Techno   Industrial Hardcore

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Delivering the 26th podcast for the TNDB-series is, in our opinion, one of the best producers out there, KRTM.

This Belgian producer has been releasing many insane records, fading the boundaries between industrial hardcore and industrial techno. With many admirers in both the hardcore and techno scene, it's not hard to imagine that KRTM has been really establishing himself in the techno the last few years.

As a producer his techno releases have blessed labels like ARTS, Inner Surface Music, PRSPCT, Madback Records (established and run by KRTM & Tripped) and more. Recently KRTM established a more techno orientated sublabel of PRSPCT, where a couple of the sickest (industrial) techno producers have already found their home. Producers like AnD, Ansome, Tim Tama, and Tymon all have followed KRTM's path and delivered insane productions to the SSSPCR sublabel. Just another example of how KRTM's knowledge, vision and sound is very trusted around the (industrial) techno scene.

KRTM's hardcore roots reach even further. As a musician his productions have reached prolific labels like Industrial Strength, and of course, PRSPCT. He has already performed at a couple of the biggest hardcore festivals and events like Defqon, Masters of Hardcore, Qbase, Dominator, Decibel etc.

The same can be said for techno, since KRTM has managed to play many quality events and always claims his spot during the yearly Amsterdam Dance Event. His DJ, hybrid and live sets can be seen as an unparalleled extension of his productions and with his sets he is able to captivate the crowd by hitting them with his clean industrial kicks, but still leaving room for hypnotic melody.

Enjoy this 3-hour-long surprising mix by a versatile artists with a broad spectrum of electronic music. KRTM is a name already not to be forgotten.

Artwork by KRTM

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