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Savage @ Forgotten Moments Episode 01


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So, here it is. My new project: Forgotten Moments.

Let’s explain a bit more about this project.

Nowadays the hype is all about faster styles in hardcore like Uptempo and Frenchcore. Hardcore. Music which I personally don’t like.

Of course the mainstream sound is still represented in the scene. And 2019 was really a great year with a lot of huge mainstream hardcore tracks.
But more and more the current focus is on the faster hardcore.

So people, let’s not forget the mainstream hardcore from the past. Let’s not forget these tracks. Let’s not forget these moments!

Forgotten Moments will be a monthly based set, where I will bring back all the mainstream tracks I like, mainly focussed on the 2008-2016 period.

Every month I will choose 10 epic tracks and mix them all together into a blasting set.

That’s that, enough words for now.
Let’s start off with the first episode of Forgotten Moments.

And which track suits best to start this Forgotten Moments project?
Right, the best mainstream hardcore track ever made:

Tha Playah - On The Edge
(which is already 9 years old)

Enjoy this very first set and keep an eye on my socials for more Forgotten Moments.

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1. Tha Playah - On the Edge
2. Wasted Mind - Despite You
3. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Santiago
4. Tha Playah ft. MC Alee - Menace to mankind (Official Syndicate 2013 anthem)
5. Miss K8 - Breathless
6. The Viper & Nosferatu - Who We Are
7. Dyprax - Dead Presidents
8. Chain Reaction - The Record Breaking (N3AR bootleg)
9. D-Passion - Blacklist Amok (Meccano Twins Remix)
10. Noize Suppressor - Chainsaw