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DJ Gio MC-505 @ Orgasmatron

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Submitted by: Foxy2008 @


DMX Krew featuring Tracy "Make Me"
Robert Calvin "Necronovia" (Spanish Disko Version)
Vive La Fête! "Tokyo" (Remix)
Luke Eargoggle "The Conspiracy"
Citizen featuring Gerhard Potuznik "I Love My Xerox"
Dakar & Grinser "Take Me Naked" (Zombie Nation Remix)
Da Fresh "Fuckin Track" (Da Fresh Remix)
Macho Cat Garage "On A Night Train"
Alek Stark "Human Touch"
Monkeyshop "Barbara!!! Buy A Monkey!"
Exchpoptrue "Discoteca"
Terence Fixmer "Body Pressure"
The Horrorist "Sex Machine"
Humandroid "Humandroid's Anger" (DJ Gio MC-505 PornoGame Mix)
Cosmic Bakery "Cosmic Bakery 2003" (Valyom Remix)
Hell "This Is For You" (Terence Fixmer Mix)
Latex "Latex Gloves"
V.U.L.V.A. "Lovespeed"
Ural 13 Diktators "Elite Forces"
Crème De Menthe "A Hunger That Never Ends"
Kraftwerk "Tour De France"
My Robot Friend "Walt Whitman"
Miss Kittin & The Hacker "Sweet Dreams"
Inform3r "Sex Offender"
Visage "Fade To Grey"