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Electronic Mind Expansion @ TDC Presents Dark Techno Sessions Part 09

Techno   Hardtechno   Industrial

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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 01:07:11

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Today is Friday, a special Friday.
Because as of today it will be the kickstart of you weekend with the Dark Techno Sessions sideshow of The Dark Chronicles.

And we start it with a fucking awesome guestmix by Electronic Mind Expansion.

EMS is a techno project started by Sound Abuse.
After a decade of creating Hardcore it was time for something different.
Intense Atmospheres, Moving Rhythms and Deep Messages, Dark Techno with a touch of Core!!!

There tracks are recived well by the critics but also by the main artists of the Dark Techno Sessions who love spinning them.

And because there is no better way to start your weekend with some Fresh Beats, Viktor Gambon asked them to create a guestmix and "Hell Yeah" they said yes.

Expect an journey through Techno, Dark Techno, Doom and even an Industrial touch.

Enjoy Electronic Mind Expansion guestmix and lets hope this will not be there last one!!!

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Rated by: HertogJan



01. Nöle - Stardust (C-System Remix)
02. Starving Insect - Hate And Exterminate
03. Hidden Rooms – Virus
04. Stan Grewzell – Disconnected
05. Monoteck - Destroy (Original Mix)
06. Electronic Mind Expansion – Wayward
07. AGRO - Devil In Me
08. Undefined Movement - You'll Be Hollow
09. Embrionyc - Memory Corruption Detected (0x5e) Ram 1
10. Paula Temple - Colonized (Perc Metal Mix)
11. A Birth Defect - Invasion
12. Joe Farr - Eye Vapour
13. Unit 731 - Inside The Continuum
14. Inhalt Der Nacht – Dosis
15. Niki Istrefi - Ending You
16. Exsiderurgica – Rubber
17. Peaky Pounder - Rikki Puhuja