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Savage @ Nekrolog1k Podcast 42

Crossbreed   Hardcore

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Nekrolog1k Podcast #42 By Savage

Savage is an ignition key of the Central-East European dark electronic music engine, therapist, revolutionary, with his organization called Savage Tales, he makes an union of labels, djs, producers and the crowd from dark drumandbass across hardtechno until hardcore. Universal dj and selecta in different styles. Promoter, label owner. As a pioneer producer in harder styles in his local area uniquely he only boasts of released music on the legendary labels like Prspct, Industrial Strength, Karnage or Future Sickness.

Sponsored and supported by Vestax DJ, Pioneer DJ. Chronicler, their documentary movie called Moleman, about the underground organizations won and screened in the biggest film festivals from Warsaw until Los Angeles. In addition to the dark music, with MC Fantom, under the Subculture Revolution alias, they play and organize parties and producing music in other different broken genres as well like neurofunk, dubstep, breakbeat. In the last 10 years, MC Fantom, as the multi language freestyle machine is the true warrior and mate of Savage.



Great news for the broadcasting of our podcasts, we find a new agreement : they will firstly be broadcast exclusively on the Swiss Hard Dance Web Radio n°1, every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8:00 p.m


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1. Savage - Silent Suffering
2. AK-Industry - Resurgence
3. N-Vitral + Ophidian - Chaos (Wavolizer Remix)
4. The Outside Agency - Deep Sleep
5. Savage - Cemetery Twist
6. The Satan - They Evolve
7. Hallucinator + Savage - Evil Has Found Me
8. Savage - Destiny
9. Sinister Souls - Crystal Math (Switch Technique Remix)
10. The Clamps - Downpour
11. Savage + Hallucinator - Savages
12. Triamer + Katharsys - Forever Undefined (ft. Multiprogram)
13. Freqax + Savage - Car Crash
14. The Outside Agency - Nightcaster
15. Sinister Souls + Savage - The Orisai
16. Micromakine + Hallucinator - Process
17. Mathizm ft. Savage + Numek - Apocalypse
18. Dither - Drumming Song
19. The Outside Agency - Everything is Fine
20. Savage + eDub - Ragnarök
21. 3RDKND - Fire & Blood (Abis Remix)
22. Savage + Gorebug - Vortex Swarm
23. Densha Crisis + Tymon - Garlic
24. Switch Technique + The Clamps - Mindgames
25. N-Vitral - Such Kick (Deathmachine Remix)
26. Savage - Cert