Shoutbox: [07-05] ThaClown: wel een bootleg mash up dan toch

Last Days of S.E.X. @ Trust Radio

Industrial   Noise   EBM

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Length: 01:00:38

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Close the lights. Close your eyes. Close the screen. Press Play.
An industrial/noise set played at the biweekly show @ Trust Radio ατ9/10/19 as a guest of Dj Reaktiv.

Manos Chrisovergis (no danger no beauty, black spring, solar anus, ttwad) rhythmic noise/technoise project from Athens since 2007 releasing albums in Hands Productions. Performed in festivals as Wave gottik treffen, Maschinenfest, Forms of Hands, Schlagstrom and in many countries across europe. His dj sets combine noise,industrial,lofi aesthetic expressed through a techno way.

For everything contact in mchrisov [at] or Fb message

pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence
52:10 - 56:00 the speech is a track by Black Lung And Xingu Hill - With A Tongue Of Madness
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