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Syncope (2) @ Sick-Weird-Hard Podcast 21

Drum & Bass   Crossbreed   Industrial Hardcore

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Syncope says about her mix that "it was not made for dancing, but for going deep in the abyss of the Mind"...

From classical cello to DJing and producing, Montreal (Canada) based Syncope is a one of a kind musician inspired by horror film music and video games such as Devil May Cry.
Her sound signature goes around dark and brutal stage music atmospheres, while respecting the codes of neurofunk drum'n'bass and crossbreed.

Known in Paris for playing fast electronic music, she is a specialist of hybrid sets between neurofunk, crossbreed and hardcore.
Mentioning Paris, while based in Montreal she intents to go living in France next year again. So a good chance for you to listen to her live sometime soon.

However, she considers herself as very eclectic and she likes challenging herself as mush as surprising the crowds with new and original mixes of genders.
And this is exactly what she did for our podcast series!

Get ya ears blown by this set from atmospheric, deep dubstep, half time, DnB to neurofunk, crossbreed, hardcore, industrial hardcore ...

Welcome to our podcasts, Syncope!



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