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Geck-o @ The Funky Cat 44


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Geck-o presents a very special episode of The Funky Cat's radio show, featuring no less than 5 premieres and consisting almost entirely out of music from our own label! Including tracks from the Personality Test remix E.P...

The Funky Cat brings playful, diverse and forward-thinking electronic music. Music that makes you dance, free from any boundaries. There’s way more to experience behind the curtains of normality...

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1. STOIK - Ode To A.I.
2. Geck-o & Twenty-five52 - Tangent (Tom Different Remix)
3. STOIK - La Noche (Geck-o Remix)
4. Geck-o - Lucky You (Dead Stare & First Gift Remix)
5. Geck-o - Personality Test (D00d Remix)
6. Twenty-five52 - Spiral
7. Geck-o - The Dance Temple (STOIK Remix)
8. Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker (Geck-o Remix)
9. Geck-o & D00d ft. Mesloes - Trick Me (Geck-o's Rave Edition)
10. DJ Medved - Hardbass Kosmonavty (Gagarin Version)
11. Wavolizer - The Dub Elixir
12. Tom Under - Ruined Euphoria
13. Tom Under - The Gap
14. Wavolizer ft. Mesloes - The Rave Elixir
15. Tom Under - Thunder In The Jungle
16. DJ Hidden - Signs of a Time