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DJ Narrjen @ Not Your Average Summer Jam

Hardtek   Frenchcore

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Not your average summer jam, 'nuff said!

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1. Talasemik Vs. Gamm@ - Sunshine Raggea (Mad Alien Remix)
2. T-Menace & Mandi Dextrous - Rub A Dub Style (2k16 Refix)
3. Mdtek & Yowii - Spliff Smokers
4. Hellfish - Mind Explosion
5. E-Coli - It's My Life
6. Guigoo - Praise Sellassie
7. Harry Potar - Dirt majestic
8. Binary Squad - Laboratory
9. Chryzis - Disco Bass Music
10. DJ Mutante - HxC Booty
11. Floxytek - Oham Dahni
12. Stormtrooper - Sax In The Summer Sun
13. Alice DJ - Better Off Alone (Mooreman Remix)
14. Hellfish - Dirty Ho
15. DJ Booger Eater - Think Satan
16. Raggatek Live Band - Tribute To Raggamuffin (DJ Mutante Remix)
17. Maissouille - God Of War (The Speed Freak's Remix)
18. Low Power Circuit - Respect To Da Streets
19. The Speed Freak - El Gringo Loco
20. Yowii - Jazz Do It
21. The Speed Freak - Wurst-Käs-Szenario
22. Mat Weasel Busters - Let's Kick It Hard
23. DJ Mutante - Party Accomodant Part 3

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Lekkere tracklist hoor  :thumbsup2:
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Chryzis's building is so recognizable,love the melancholy in his prods, true hardcore feeling even as dat tuig met de langzaam beukeh.
Disco Baaass music
edit: Nice mix
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Pancake_dj -
Dank, dank  ;)