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Species Kai @ Solid Sound FM July 2019

Industrial Hardcore   Crossbreed   Breakcore

Submitted by: speciesKai @

Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:39:48

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☆ SPECIES KAI, @kailonka. Industrial Breakcore. Lübeck, Germany.

Species Kai drops some industrial hardcore, breakcore noise onto Solid Sounds ears with an eclectic mix of heavy and hard styles.

After a life of partying, he took to the decks aged 40 and has been smashing out hardcore ever since with Sick Weird Hard events and regular podcasts.

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1. Embrionyc - F#ck$h1t (1)
2. KUVERA B. - The First Attack LeeloO The Number Remix
3. NANAKA - Under Pressure (V.I.P)
4. Species Kai - Collateral Damage (RAGE HC Remix)
5. Circular D. - Bloodshed Boulevard (Ft. 1nt3rrupt1on)
6. KILLABOMB - I wanna play a game
7. Goetia - Woman vs Machine (Autopsy Protocol Remix)
8. Species Kai - It Is All Because Of Me We Got Hunted
9. Ulcerium - Collective self mutilation
10. Species Kai - I Am The αlpha & ωmega
11. DJKurara - Do You Remember
12. JaQwa - Legends of Mashup
13. Neocortex - Do you Feel Blame?
14. Ennnn - Quale