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Manon @ The 9 - 7 of 9


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The Kult of O - The 9 - 7 of 9 - DJ Manon


O Culto do Fogo Negro - Conjuring the High Priest
Babalith - Ascent of Innocent Children
Harmonie Noire - Never Let Me Down
Monte 6 - Montanhesa a Girar
Xisto - Xisto
God's Sleeping Disorder - Dog's Sleeping Disorder
Close Encounters of the Holocaust - Feline Revenge
E O Silêncio - O Suor das Feras
Split - After the Rain Has Fallen
Ashira Mahsati - Caanan
Pavão Diabólico - O Pavão Ídolo
Mary Nymphection - The Horned Child Cries
Music to Upset Your Neighbours - Where's Mommy?
A Serpente Malvadorus - Cai a Noite
O Clube da Moca Vermelha - Live at Gravity Zero Sessions IV 21-04-18