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Demanufacturer @ GMIX 017 - "Live Tokyo Japan"

Industrial Hardcore   Crossbreed

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Demanufacturer @ TOTAL DESTRUCTION 19 - 15 years of SBMB (29-09-2018)

Truly a highlight in my current music career: playing a set in Tokyo, at TOTAL DESTRUCTION 19, in celebration of 15 years of SuperBad MidiBreaks!!
This is a live recording, including room and crowd audio.
The line up was massive, the crowd litterally came from all across the globe, the sound was LOUD and the crew I played (and traveled!) with was beyond awesome!

Anyway, I greatly enjoyed playing this set and I hope you enjoy hearing it!

Big awesome thanks to Triple G Recordings for hosting this set on their SC!

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1. Biomek & Demanufacturer - Behemoth
2. Demanufacturer - Innate Savagery
3. The Relic - White Darkness (Sacerdos Vigilia Remix)
4. The Outside Agency - The New Master VIP
5. ID (Sacerdos Vigilia & Demanufacturer - ID)
6. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - Church of the Silence
7. Ragnarok & Demanufacturer - Forlorn
8. Igneon System - Breakage
9. Biomek & Demanufacturer - Soulpurgers
10. Somniac One - Kill Everyone
11. Mindustries - Message In A Bottle
12. Tymon - Crunch Time
13. Densha Crisis - Future
14. Project Omeaga - Prednison Attack (N-Vitral Remix)
15. Tymon - Poison Hate
16. Densha Crisis - Kick variations & interludes
17. Carnage & Cluster - Rock 'N Rollers (Relapse Remix)
18. The Outside Agency - I Saw My Grave
19. Biomek & Demanufacturer - The Artifact
20. DJ Hidden - Drastic
21. Omkara & Demanufacturer- Burn