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Broken Minds @ The Qontinent 2019 Promo Mix Hardcore


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Length: 00:30:58

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To get you in the right mood for The Qontinent - Island of Intensity Broken Minds proudly present you the official Warm-Up Wednesday Mix.

Awarded as best Spanish Hardcore artists, these Hardcore hellraisers are known for their creative use of intense, euphoric and original melodies in combination with heavy Hardcore sounds. Their brutal, ass-kicking tracks will tear The Qontinent down for sure!

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1. Broken Minds & Kronos - Now Or Never
2. Broken Minds ft. Ernesto Alonso - Hijo De La Luna
3. Re-Style X Broken Minds X Alee - Basshead
4. Broken Minds & Tha Playah - The Witch Project
5. Re-Style x Broken Minds x Alee - Annihilation
6. Broken Minds & Joey Riot - Shake It Up
7. Javi Boss & Broken Minds - Nobody Stop Me
8. Dr. Peacock & Death by Design - Eat This (Broken Minds Remix)
9. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Come Get Some
10. Broken Minds - Bow Down
11. The Satan - Meat