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Delta 9 @ GMIX 016 - "PRSPCT Detroit"

Terror   Hardcore

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Length: 01:01:08

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Delta 9 [Chicago, Illinois]
Industrial Strength Records | Triple G Recordings

"Dave Dreadlord Delta 9 has been banging beats slaying snare drums and just destroying and producing for years. As the right hand man for Lenny Dee & Industrial Strength making sound design a new hobby, he sitll has time to make devil worship kickdrums for us here, as we hear a brand new Delta 9 & FIEND collab for GGG002, as well as this amazing new liveset from PRSPCT DETROIT"

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Darksound -
Very poor audio quality.  :-/
VerCouter -
Is kaas met een e?
On 20-04-2019 15:20:06, Darksound wrote:

Very poor audio quality.  :-/

yeah but most off all, to bad the he lost his real sound..Miss the old Delta 9  :-/  :S
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
No Early Terror (2 tracks at least)