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Penta @ The Colors Of Defqon.1 2019 Silver

Industrial Hardcore

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The SILVER is the home of industrial at Defqon.1, a place where hardcore purists venture to fulfill their deepest and loudest cravings. From the experimental industrial beats of Ophidian as Raziel to the always insane sounds of The Outside Agency: this is the place to go if industrial is your way to go.

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1. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Return of The Silence
2. Somniac One - Party Responsibly
3. Bryan Fury - Bloody Bones
4. Deathmachine - Extermination
5. Ophidian - End The Earth
6. The Clamps - Cattle Mutilation Syndrome
7. Switch Technique & The Clamps - Mindgames
8. Penta - Filthy Fakkin Bass (1)
9. The Anunnaki - Killah (The Outside agency Remix)
10. Hellfish - Face Remover
11. The Clamps - Day One
12. Penta - Hiphop Drop (Gangsta VIP)
13. The Satan - Beast
14. N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum (Penta Remix)
15. Tugie - Kill The Noise
16. Penta - Bassdrop
17. Akira - Fast & Akkurad (Producers Tortured Dynamics Edit)
18. Deathmachine - Distort U (20YVIP)
19. The Outside Agency - Pass The Buck