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Smurf @ Only Oldskool Radio 1991 Set


Submitted by: Hansolo @

Length: 01:58:02


Apotheosis – O’Fortuna (Indisc)
Intellect – Throw Your Hands Up (MidTown)
Techno Grooves – The Cry (Stealth)
Psychic Flush – Boomerang (Freaky)
The Dead Kirks – Mr Kirk (MidTown)
X-es – Roller-coaster (Freaky)
Synthesis – House Time (Italian Style)
PWM – Are You Ready To Move (Deep Rave mix) (Pirate)
Digital Orgasm – Running Out Of Time (Eruption Mix) (Trance Mission)
Digital Boy – OK Alright (Extended mix) (D-Boy)
Axe Corner – Bad SLD (PAL)
Sonic Solution – Music (R&S)
Outlander – Vamp (R&S)
Turntable Terror – Break (Techno mix) (MidTown)
Plexus – Cactus Rhythm (Diki)
N-Joi – Andrenalin (Deconstruction)
Trigger – Stratosphere (Target)
Breakouts – Compression (Power Traxx)
Automation – Electricity (Triple Helix)
Holy Noise – The Nightmare (Freddy Kruegers Message) (Hit House)
Pleasure Game – Le Seigneur Des Tenebres (Destructor mix) (Music Man)
Moby – Go (Rainforeest mix) (Outer Rhythm)
Speedy J – Pullover (Second remix) (Music Man)
DHS – The House Of God (remix) (X-Energy)
Escape From Brooklyn – Ecstasy Recall (Brooklyn Groove)
Ravesignal – Horsepower (R&S)
Final Exposure – Vortex (+8)
Ravesignal – Mindwar (R&S)
Maximum Peak – Overload (ESP)
Intronsik – Heavy Atmosphere (Diki)
Atom Heart – Whitehouse (Weird Mix)
Private Productions – Looped (80AUM)
Visions Of Rage – Dragonfly (BTB)
Hooligan X – Flasher (white)
PSI Division – Mindfuck 2000 (Hardware)
Atomik – Atomik 3,0 (Ignition)
The R – Rave The Planet (ESP)
Tronik House – Mental Techno (KMS)
The Nighttripper – Phuture (ESP)
Two Little Boys (Stylophonia) (Headstrong remix) (Music Facrory)
Sub Bass – Disintegrate (Hardware)
Angel Ice 0 Je N’aime Que Toi (Beat Box)
Air Of Gllom – Meditation (Beat Box)
T99 – Anasthasia (XL)
Holy Noise – James Brown Is Still Alive (Hithouse)
DJPC – Insomniak (Logoa Extreme mix) (Hype)
Space Trax – Sweeo On Both Channels (Stealth)
Spirit Of Adventure – Keep It Rockin (Hithouse)
Space Trax – Vivisecrion (R&S)
LA Sryle – James Brown Is Dead (Remix Rap 12”) (ZYX)
Human Resource – Dominator (R&S)