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John Selway @ Archaic Podcast 250.2


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In a world of electronic-music hit and runs, John Selway is a rare beast: an innovator and originator whose current work genuinely rivals his groundbreaking early projects. And while the DC-born, NYC-based producer and DJ has left his mark on countless styles, he’s defined by none of them, remaining devoted to his own multi-faceted muse. These days, Selway is best known for the ecstatic rush of “Total Departure,” his top-selling single with partner in crime Christian Smith, and for CSM, his long-running deep and minimal label. But Selway’s roots run deeper than most. He helped spark the late-‘90s electro scene at the helm of Seratonin Records; he contributed to the early days of deep-house luminaries Deep Dish; he produced hard, acid-laced techno with Disintegrator and mind-bending trance tracks with Oliver Chesler (aka The Horrorist) in Koenig Cylinders; and he released a string of remixes with living legend Carl Cox. As a DJ and live act, John Selway has performed the world over. When he’s not filling rooms, he collaborates relentlessly: with DJ Ulysses as Neurotic Drum Band, with his longtime friend Abe Duque, and with his CSM label partner Dave Turov. Still, Selway’s own productions and remixes are the center of his musical world—a little techno, a little house; as good in headphones as they are at 115 dBs on the dancefloor. In other words, the work of a consummate professional working at the height of his powers.

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1. Shake - Live For Friction
2. Artefakt - Crystal Confessions
3. SC-164 - 002-004
4. Scuba - Opposition Division (Caibu Adjustment)
5. Wlderz - Oreela
6. BPMF - Star Clique
7. Fred 4 - Do It From The Back
8. Mr. De' - Shake It Baby
9. Tv.out - Galaxy
10. Dexter - Mr Blunt
11. Go Nuclear - Teknotek Bass
12. John Selway - We Are Ready
13. ,Glyn Hendry - Dexy
14. Silicon Scally - Das Haus
15. Famous Dead People - D. Hood
16. Transparent Sound - No Call From New York
17. CYRK - Heatwave
18. Schizolectric - Scintillator Operator
19. Dyspal - Forsaken
20. Nukubus - Europa (Aux 88 Detroit Mix)
21. Animistic Beliefs - Resequenced DNA
22. Oushe - Hyperlogic
23. Exzakt - Start The Party
24. Alavux - Distant
25. Marshall Applewhite - Destroy The Silence
26. Secus - Time Dilation
27. Dyspal - Broken Lullaby (Pearl Mix)
28. Awol - 54.973379, -1.614705
29. Claus Schöning - ASRS
30. John Selway - Stars In The Gutter