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Panic @ Q-Dance 2001

Hardtrance   Early Hardstyle

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Enjoy DJ Panic @ Q-Dance Radio 2001 with an... Hardtrance Set

Another Hardcore Legend does his share on Hardtrance to promote
"The Next Big Thing" @ : Gizmo

The dutch company Q-Dance was founded unter the name Qlass Elite in 1999 and changed name into Q-Dance in 2001.

In order to establish the new brandname "Q-Dance", promote the new concept "Qlubtempo" and introduce a whole new music genre : Hardstyle, a handful of promotional sets were played from mid to end 2001 in this regard.

The new concept "Qlubtempo" set ground for the following legendary events Qlimax,Q-BASE, X-Qlusive and Defqon.1 Festival.

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17. Marcel Woods - De Bom 2001

Panic shows some morbid humor or does not belive the official story  :W
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