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Geck-o @ The Funky Cat 39 [Psytrance Special]


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Length: 01:00:36

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Geck-o takes you on a pychedelic trip with this awesome psytrance special! Including two brand new premieres from his studio... With only a few words at the beginning and the end, no talks in between, you can dive in deep  ;)

The Funky Cat brings playful, diverse and forward-thinking electronic music. Music that makes you dance, free from any boundaries. There’s way more to experience behind the curtains of normality...

You're invited to The Funky Cat #9, 9th March 2019 daytime at P60 Amstelveen:

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1. Geck-o - The Stage is a U.F.O.
2. Dickster - Elastic Dreams
3. 1200 Micrograms - Marijuana
4. Arcon - Si Fi Suckers
5. Geck-o - Something Different
6. Mechanimal & Lucas - Get In Touch
7. Juno Reactor - Komit (3 Of Life & Domestic Remix)
8. Electric Universe - Spacetime Continuum
9. Genuss - Blazing Beats (Kwah Remix)
10. Yello - Oh Yeah (2009 Version)
11. Entheogenic - Theriomorphic
12. Juno Reactor - Alien
13. Geck-o - The Dance Temple
14. Deviant Species & Scorb - Return to Balojax
15. Koxbox - Sky Candy
16. Penta - Imagine