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The Outlier @ Pure Hardcore Rituals 011


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Here is a new episode of Pure Hardcore Rituals.

sooo., after the 2 Hours of Rotterdam Hardcore from last week.,

it's back to regular business..

PHR Episode 011 is ready to go!

in de meanwhile, a lot has happened.,
normally PHR 010 should be online November last year..,

But Resonate really Fucked me up.,. Chicks and friends gave me a headache,. my computer crashed., and after this Christmas.

Miss K8 won the MOH top 100, what was Dominated by Uptempo and Frenchcore by the way.,

Thank God there was the album of Nosferatu!

I'm happy that we are back on track.,

PHR 011 is a Combo of the Classics and fresh Tracks.,

I really hope that 2019 will be more Mainstream.,

I'm Looking forward to the album of Tha Playah and I hope for some new talents to break through.,

have a strong week,.

keep it Hardcore., brought to you from the Cradle of Hardcore,. Rotterdam

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1. track 01 Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian DJ Cut)
2. track 02 Miss Hysteria - Unlock The Gate
3. track 03 Tha Playah - Hit Em (Evil Activities vs The Viper Remix)
4. track 04 Endymion - Rock The Part-E (Mad Dog Remix)
5. track 05 Unexist - Rottweiler
6. track 06 Never Surrender - Motherfucking Bassdrum
7. track 07 Fear Factor - Ghosts
8. track 08 Tears Of Fury - Laser Beam
9. track 09 Radio Killah - Game Over (Extended Mix)
10. track 10 Javi Boss - Nobody Stop Me (Original Mix)