Shoutbox: [12:10] ThaClown: en blijkbaar zijn er genoeg bakvi... uh, fans die dat erg waarderen ... al ken ik niemand die specifiek fan van een MC is

Heavy @ Oldschool Night Pulp Mansion Berlin

Early Hardcore   Early Terror

Submitted by: SandStorm @

Filetype: 128 kbit MP3
Length: 01:11:15

Bedlam -
Manu Le Malin - An Old Dream
Temper Tantrum - Anthem
Temper Tantrum - Darkness Eternal
D.O.A. - Thrust Rush
Disciples Of Annihilation - Upon The Power
DJ Skinhead - In The Darkness
ID E De Cologne?
ID (New track?) Escape is impossible (Not R-Trax)
DJ Freak - World Domination
Noize Creator - Gangzta
Rob Gee - Gabber Up Your Ass
Noize Creator - Untitled (A4) - JR001010
Rob Gee - 909 Hit Me 1 Time
Eradicator - Brujeria
Nasenbluten - Feeling Shit
Nasenbluten - Concrete Compressor
Temper Tantrum - 3 Seconds
Temper Tantrum - New York City
A Blunted Vision - Cause A Riot
Napalm - The Secret Of Mana
Napalm - Body And Soul
E-De Cologne - Slave
E-De Cologne - Nurses Hostel
Smash? ‎– Smash!
ID Known? DOA?
DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (The Pain Mix)