Shoutbox: [16:49] McBong: I'm coming from the south, near nuremberg. The train is indeed surprisingly cheap, but it takes seven hours. Maybe I'll just go by bus to my buddies near the netherlands a day before and travel with them by car the next day.

Access One @ Theory Of Core Podcast 138


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Cheerfully starting the 2019th year, we present you a new 138th podcast from one of the best residents of Dogfight Records, a DJ and producer from the Netherlands - Access One

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1. The Melodyst - Morte E Vita
2. DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah - Embrace The Fire
3. Access One - Hardcore Domination
4. Angerfist ft. Kokka & Cixx - Brother's Keeper (Access One Edit)
5. Access One - Mash-Up
6. Endymion & Evil Activities - Vengeance (Access One Kick Edit)
7. DJ Mad Dog ft. Syco - I Don't Give A Fuck About
8. Access One - Judgement
9. Angerfist ft. Nolz - Creed Of Chaos
10. Access One - Mash-Up
11. Access One - Deceived
12. Access One - Devil's Reaper
13. Access One - Till I Burn
14. Access One - Mind Control
15. Access One - Own Power (2019 Edit)
16. Access One - Mash-Up
17. Access One - Brutal Behaviour
18. Access One - Jiiieehaaaa x BAM (Mash-Up)