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UNIT @ Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait Podcast 4


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Length: 00:32:24

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Here is a brand new podcast from Frenchcore S’il Vous Plaît! made by Unit!

UNIT is a collaboration project of two artists : JKLL & Creeds.
United by frenchcore, this freshly new duo will surely make some noise !
After a first release on the label Re :Fusion - founded by Speed Freak & Dj Mutante-, and then on Beatfreakz, Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait!, Peacock Records, Hardcore France & Audiogenic the two bros keep producing tracks one after all, with one and only goal : Make the dance floor banging !
Stay connected, the best is coming.

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1. Unit - Super Bad
2. UNIT - Play With Me
3. Unit - Balkan ruff stuff
4. Unit - Bordel De Merde
5. UNIT - You Really Fuck Me
6. UNIT - Ride On Cowboy
7. UNIT & Kryptonic - Rock The Dancefloor
8. UNIT - Persian Ravers
9. UNIT & Pattern J - This Is Hi-Core
10. Unit - Devil's Butcher