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Pancake @ Tribute To The Gabberdisco Guys

Frenchcore   Hardtek

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Because the Gabberdisco guys are such great producers, I've made this tribute mix combined with their earlier work and Gabberdisco. Personally I think it's the best music there is at this moment, and so should you!

Anyways this is the first mix, and maybe there will be more, who knows... Mixed it with Traktor + MIDI controller.

P.S: Always problems with the f'ing gain.

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1. DJ Mutante - It's Me Bitches
2. The Speed Freak - Go Hard Or Go Home
3. DJ Mutante - Big Booty Bitches
4. The Speed Freak - Eisenigel
5. Dat Tuig - Magistrale Manouevres
6. Stormtrooper & MCK - Definition
7. The Speed Freak - Bigger
8. DJ Mutante - 1999
9. The Speed Freak - Auggie's Bass
10. DJ Mutante - I'm Broken
11. Chryzis - You Only Live Twice... So Pump It Up!
12. DJ Mutante & Richie Gee - Way Too Original
13. Stormtrooper - Slave To A Good Looking Cyborg
14. The Speed Freak - Have a Nice Apocalypse
15. Hekteka - Get Crackin'
16. DJ Mutante - What Offends Me Is Your Lack Of Skills At Being Offensive (For Real !!!)
17. The Speed Freak - Strong Kanegou
18. Nukem - Knock You Out
19. The Speed Freak & Stormtrooper - Embrace The Mystery
20. Hekteka - Pastelares
21. The Speed Freak - Zombies From Outer Space
22. DJ Mutante - Lick My Crack (Jazz Remix)
23. Hekteka - Pillcontroller
24. Chryzis - Ich Bin Ein Speedfreak

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