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Enduser @ GMIX 005 - Triple 666 Mix Halloween Edition

Breakcore   Drum & Bass

Submitted by: McBong @

Filetype: MP3
Length: 00:46:52

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End.user [Washington DC, USA]
Sonicterror Recordings | Triple G Agency | PRSPCT Recordings

"Lynn has been blasting breakbeats and sonic snare drums since the dawn of time, with his unique chaotic broken ambience style like you've never heard him with some drop kick collaborations, and unreleased material, some of will be the first hear, riddled with terror and horror as we get a taste of what End.user is about for this Triple 666 Mix released on Halloween 2018, only on Triple G Agency "

Rated by: hardcorerepublic Dronevil Jim_D Snaremaschine hardstyl3MF McBong MattiX

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1. Enduser - Devil's Playground
2. Enduser & 2methyl - Rotation
3. Enduser - Jane Doe
4. Enduser - Catalyst (DJ Hidden Remix)
5. Enduser - Parallel (Dimensional Dryft Remix)
6. Blood of Heroes - Hecatomb (feat. Tompa/At the Gates)
7. Enduser & Gore Tech - Stalybridge Pie Van
8. The Bug - Killer (Enduser Remix)
9. Vertigo - Darkside (Enduser Remix)
10. Enduser & Gore Tech - Atlantic Warfare
11. Enduser - Red Line
12. Enduser - State of Process
13. Terror & Enduser - Overkill